Innovation Day is a once-a-year event that aims to highlight the main megatrends in innovation that will influence our lives and our companies.
Following welcome speeches by UniCredit’s North West Private Business Manager Alessandro Pin, the President of the Club degli Investitori Giancarlo Rocchietti opened the proceedings of the second edition of Innovation Day.
The metaphor used is one of waves: according to opponents of innovation and progress, we will be overtaken by artificial intelligence and become slaves of the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon; robots will lead to unprecedented mass unemployment and crisis; the methods we will use to produce food will destroy ecosystems and genetic research will propel mankind towards an extremely serious crisis of values and principles.
The 4 innovators and researchers attending Innovation Day are riding this wave. They are incredible surfers who have made innovation their life purpose. They most certainly believe that new technology will make the world a better place and their companies more competitive, without losing sight of ethical and moral issues.
Debora Paglieri, President and CEO of Paglieri Spa closed the second edition of Innovation Day – which saw the participation of more than 200 people including Club members and UniCredit clients – with a speech about family entrepreneurship being the pillar of our economy.



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