Rome & Turin




Daniele Grassucci, Marco Sbardella

Skuola.net is the point of reference for all students, including university students, offering content and services aimed at specific needs. Thanks to the investment of Piemontech and the Club degli Investitori, the company – which was set up in Rome – transferred its headquarters to the Innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin (I3P), where it also carries on its research and marketing operations.

“Set up in 2000 in a secondary school classroom, today Skuola.net represents the voice of students on the Italian publishing and academic scene, a website that brings together personal experiences, thoughts and feelings, needs, expectations and behaviours. Thanks to a close collaboration with major newspapers, Skuola.net brings students’ ideas to the attention of adults, in the shape of a consolidated ecosystem recognised by parents, teachers, institutions and third sector operators.”