Insoore is an innovative system that helps insurance companies and fleet management companies to optimize the claims management process through video and photographic inspections carried out by a community of experts and damage estimates made by a team of technicians, in real time and on demand. Thanks to an incredible combination of technology and community, Insoore offers innovative and customizable solutions for risk assessment and digital claims management, always aiming at process efficiency and customer satisfaction. Insoore offers four main services for the insurance world: optimized claims management, pre-underwriting and underwriting inspections, fleet management and property management. The innovation proposed by Insoore uses three main tools: an app used by the community, which allows for obtaining certified images of the damage through a defined path. An app used by professionals, such as auto body shop technicians and dealers, which allows for obtaining images of the moment the insured party arrives at the body shop or in affiliated centres, and a dedicated platform accessible to the back office and to experts, which allows for managing information in real time and quickly making a precise estimate of damages.