Svinando was founded in 2012 and it’s the first italian online wine club. Svinando¬†is where wine-lovers go for high-quality, selected wines at exclusive and attractive prices, conveniently shipped to your door. Svinando offers its customers the finest quality wines at promotional prices by using a flash sales method (limited in quantity and time). Svinando utilizes an editorial approach for the bottles that are promoted: each and every product is carefully reviewed, by going over its history, features, and reasons that lead to its selection, out of the many bottles submitted for the periodical tastings. Based in Valle Talloria (Cuneo) – Italy, the company has been founded in October 2012. In early 2018 Svinando has been acquired by Giordano Vini and is now part of Italian Wine Brands Group (BIT:IWB). If you want to know more, visit