Gianfranco Bellezza

After graduating in Medicine and Surgery, Gianfranco began his career at St. Joseph Hospital in Milan and after a few years became Sales Promoter at CORIOS. He then founded MEDICAL DEPO S.R.L., a biomedical distributor, and later became General Manager in HAEMOTRONIC HOSPITAL SUPPLY DIVISION, where he led the scientific development and market launch of two innovative medical devices. After that, he moved to the United States as European Clinical & Marketing Manager first at RITA MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC and then at ENTERIC MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. where he followed the development of innovative biomedical products and new clinical protocols. He returned to Italy where he founded MDH FORNITURE OSPEDALIERE, a biomedical distributor and, in parallel, became Scientific and Clinical advisor to several biomedical companies. Today, he is CEO of GOLDEN BRIDGE CONSULTANT in Lugano, mentor of several start-ups and programmes, including Unicredit Startlab and business angel in the biomedical sector.


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