Giovanni Viglietta

After graduating as a commercial technical expert, he joined the family business, VIGLIETTA MATTEO S.p.A. a company that for four generations has been engaged in the sale and resale, of hardware, gardening, building, construction, construction, gardening, plumbing, DIY and household items, today the market leader in Italy. He has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 1990 and has also been Chairman of the Board since 2020. He is also a board member and CEO of FERRAMENTA SARDO PIEMONTESE S.p.A. in Zeddiani (OR) and a board member and CEO of VUEMME S.r.l. in Quargnento (AL). He is a member of the National Technical Committee of ASSOFERMET, National Association of Iron and Steel, Nonferrous Metals, Ferrous Scrap, Ironmongery and Allied Merchants (CONFCOMMERCIO), in which he served for a period as Vice President. He is a member of the CONFINDUSTRIA Cuneo General Council and owner with his brothers of La Gaia, an international collection of modern art.


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