Vittorio Catolla

Graduated in Turin in Economics, he specialized in assessing the impact of new technologies on the Italian health system. In 1990 he joined the family company, Advanced Technologies: founded in 1961 and specialized in the marketing of products for the measurement of nuclear environmental contamination, for physics and nuclear medicine. After the end of the use in Italy of nuclear power for the production of electricity, in 1987, after a period of crisis, together with his brother he refocused the commercial interests of the company on technologies for radiology and radiotherapy for the National Health Service. Today the Advanced Technologies group employs over 60 employees and has a turnover of about 50 million euros, and is specialized in the launch on the Italian market of innovative medical technologies in the field of nuclear physics and RX diagnostics, focusing mainly on cutting-edge systems such as mammography with tomosynthesis, solid-state dosimetry, nuclear medicine with special detectors and accelerators integrated with imaging.


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