Fabrizio Martini

Fabrizio Martini is an expert in energy storage technologies and has 12 years of prior experience in business and development in the ultracapacitor field. He was inspired to co-found Electra using innovative software control and design techniques with machine learning to overcome the performance gaps left by inadequate battery chemistry performance. Before co-founding Electra in 2015, he was the Project Manager of several government-funded SBIRs for the DOE, DOD, and NASA managing over $10M. He has contributed to the accomplishment of six world records related to ultracapacitor technology and was in charge of the commercialization of the first-of-its-kind, high-temperature ultracapacitor for oil and gas and geothermal applications. Mr. Martini was the point of contact for several companies in the aerospace and defense field for the integration of ultracapacitor systems in their applications and he served as Principal Investigator of NASA SBIR program. He is the author of 14 patents related to energy storage technologies.

Companies of which he is founder


Accetta Rifiuta