Gianluca Manitto

Former digital marketing consultant, social media manager and Google Ads campaign manager.
Editor of social innovation projects focused on new professions and on the importance of building highly specialized skills in a constantly changing work landscape.
In 2019 he was included by Forbes magazine among the 100 most influential young people in Italy, under the category of future leaders on the field of health and life sciences.
Statistics coach, risk capital management, mindset and emotion control.
Former journalist and founder of events blog on the city of Turin. Professional poker player (among the top 50 in Italy) from 2010 to 2015.
In EpiCura he is responsible for defining commercial distribution, communication and marketing strategies, coordinating the activities of the marketing team and managing public relations with the press and media.
He is also head of the HR area and of Talent acquisition.

Companies of which he is founder


Accetta Rifiuta