15 June 2022

Club degli Investitori doubles its investments and lands in London

PRESS RELEASE. London, UK – June 15th, 2022 – The Club degli Investitori today announces the achievement of a new milestone: 10 million euros of invested capital in just six months, doubling the investment of the first semester of the previous year. In the first half of 2022, the business angel group will finalize more than 10 investments, which, thanks to an increasingly global vision and network, include four international operations between Israel, the UK and Switzerland.

These companies join a portfolio of startups that the network actively supports, which includes some of the most promising ventures founded by Italian entrepreneurs, including Everli, D-Orbit, flexiWAN, Microchannel Devices, Satispay, ACBC, Kither Biotech, Bowlpros, and Newcleo.

The listing of Genenta Science in January 2022, and the announcement of D-Orbit‘s landing on Nasdaq in the coming months are also amongst the Club’s great achievements for 2022.

The number of the Club’s business angels also continues to grow and is expected to exceed 300 by the end of the year, amongst entrepreneurs, executives and professionals.

In line with its internationalization strategy, “Investing in the best Italian tech entrepreneurs: from seed to unicorn,” the official presentation event of the Club degli Investitori to the community of founders, business angels and venture capital in the UK, will take place today in London, with the patronage of the Italian Embassy in London and Italian Trade Agency and the support of the Italian Chamber Of Commerce and Industry for the UK, Gianni & Origoni, Club Torino London, TechItalia Lab London, Withers tech, and the Italian Tech Alliance. The scope of the event is to create an increasingly international network to support the best innovative Italian entrepreneurs wherever they operate.

The event will feature the founders of some of Italy’s most successful startups and scaleups which are supported by the Club’s business angels: Luca Rossettini, CEO & Founder of D-Orbit, global market leader in the space logistics and transportation; Pierluigi Paracchi, CEO & Co-founder of Genenta Science, a biotech company working on the development of a versatile and highly innovative platform for the treatment of solid tumours; and Alberto De Min, Managing Director & Co-founder of Newcleo UK, a startup aiming to build fourth-generation nuclear reactors.

Giancarlo Rocchietti, President and Founder of the Club degli Investitori, said: “It is a great honor to introduce the Club to London’s innovation community. I am sure we will find new investors and partners that will enable us to become the most important Italian business angel community in the world.”

Andrea Rota, Managing Director of the of the Club degli Investitori, added: It is a pleasure to be back in London, a thriving ecosystem where we have invested and where many of our members operate. The Club degli Investitori values openness, and aims to attract the best entrepreneurial and venture investment talents, wherever they may be. London is therefore an indispensable place for us to play.



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