26 June 2023

Club degli Investitori invests in Jet HR

Jet HR, a startup focused on simplifying the bureaucratic management of personnel in companies, announced the closing of a EUR 4.7 million pre-seed round. This is the highest pre-seed round in the history of Italian startups, which was attended by some of the country’s leading investors, including Exor Ventures, the Italian Founders Fund, the Club degli Investitori, and various industry leaders such as Luca Ascani, founder of Lambda Alpha, Dario Brignone and Alberto Dalmasso, co-founders of Satispay, Max Ciociola, creator of Musixmatch, Luca Ferrari, mastermind of Bending Spoons, and Diego Piacentini, founder of View Different. Further support came from prominent private investors in the international technology sector, such as David Clarke, former chief technology officer of Workday, and Joe Zadeh, former vice-president of product at Airbnb.

The company, founded by Marco Ogliengo and Francesco Scalambrino, has developed a unified technology platform that offers a range of tools to manage the administrative activities of companies. From payroll payments to VAT-registered employee contracts, Jet HR aims to make personnel management clearer and less burdensome for both SMEs and large companies with hundreds of employees.

In addition to payroll management, the platform offers tools for managing all stages of the employee lifecycle, from hiring computers to booking medical appointments. Jet HR positions itself as a one-stop solution for companies’ administrative needs, also integrating a network of employment consultants selected to assist with more complex aspects such as welfare plans and legislative issues.

The start-up is not only aimed at companies but also at employees. Through a dedicated app, employees can request leave, enter expense reports and manage other aspects of their working life.

Jet HR is the solution I wanted when I started as an entrepreneur,” said Ogliengo, CEO and co-founder of Jet HR. While Scalambrino, another co-founder and head of product, added: “We want to bridge this gap for our Italian companies by automating tasks that take up too much of the valuable time of resources that, by role and capacity, should focus on strategic activities.”

Guido Frascadore, champion of the operation for the Club degli Investitori, said “As an entrepreneur, I have always found payroll management to be a non-transparent activity disconnected from business management. I am convinced that Jet HR has the potential to revolutionise the industry, making it easier and more efficient“.


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