30 March 2021

$ 100 million round for Everli. Club degli Investitori among those who reinvested

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Milan, March 30, 2021. Everli, Europe’s leading online shopping marketplace, announces that it has completed a $ 100 million Series C funding round, with the aim of accelerating its development plans, significantly strengthening the international team in strategic areas related to technology, products, logistics, marketing and finance.

Verlinvest played the role of lead investor in the operation, which was also attended by new international investors including Luxor, DN Capital, C4 Ventures, and Convivialité Ventures as well as the existing shareholders FITEC, managed by Fondo Italiano d’Investamento, CDP Venture Capital , 360 Capital, Innogest and DIP. This funding round is Everli’s largest to date and follows the Series B round led by FITEC in 2018.

This capital raising will allow Everli to expand the Italian team – with up to 100 new professional figures to be included within the next year – allowing a constant growth of skills in the various business areas that will continue in subsequent years, in order to support the business development. In Italy, in fact, in 2020 Everli saw the number of new users acquired almost tripled compared to the previous year, with an increase in orders on an annual basis of approximately 200%.

Everli is a digital marketplace through which consumers can choose the supermarket in which to buy, order products and receive them in the day through dedicated Everli shoppers. This service has been of crucial importance for consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially given the fact that Everli is the first player to offer same-day food delivery service in small / medium density areas. population. These areas, previously little covered by online deliveries, can now benefit from a service that employs over 3,000 shoppers.

Since 2014, Everli has been a partner of some of the largest European supermarket chains (such as Lidl, Kaufland and Carrefour), which allow the company to have access to over 300,000 products and to distribute them in 70 European cities, in Italy, Poland. and, more recently, in France and the Czech Republic. In 2020 – thanks to the rapid change in consumer habits towards online channels – Everli’s sales globally quadrupled, allowing the company to reach a turnover of 110 million of Euro. Everli has continued to expand rapidly since its launch and its international presence now accounts for more than 20% of total orders.

“Verlinvest has been actively investing in consumer brands and services for over 25 years. We are now witnessing a revolution of enormous magnitude, represented by a significant migration of consumers to digital channels. We are proud to rewrite the rules of the food sector together with Everli ”declared Simone Sallustio, Executive Director of Verlinvest. “Everli’s model, which combines technological excellence and data analysis with the retail skills of its partners, has allowed the company to establish itself as a European leader in the e-grocery market, offering a ‘ a memorable experience for consumers, value for large-scale distribution and new digital perspectives for brands “.

“Everli’s goal has always been to simplify the shopping experience,” said Federico Sargenti, CEO of Everli. “The last year has been complex, both for consumers and for industry in general, which has made our goal more relevant than ever. We are proud to have played an important role in supporting people during this time. But we are only at the beginning, since this sector will no longer be the same: the change towards online delivery is not reversible and the sector is confronted with growing expectations from all parties. We have built a model that creates value for consumers, through wide access to supermarkets and the most popular products, even in less urbanized areas, and offers retailers the opportunity to be competitive on online channels and reach a new target of consumers ” .

“With the FITEC fund we have supported Everli in its growth and expansion abroad” declared Mauro Pretolani, Senior Partner of the Italian Investment Fund SGR, “and we will continue to do so alongside new international lenders, with the aim of bring it to European leadership in the sector ”

For the round, Everli availed itself of the legal assistance of the partners of Orrick, an American law firm with a specific focus in the technology sector, and of the lawyers of the White & Case firm.


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