13 January 2021

Exit for the Club degli Ivestitori: Mercurio Holding (Proximity Capital) acquires the shares of Insoore

The Club degli Investitori, which invested in Insoore, scaleup InsurTech in 2015, sells part of its shares to Mercurio Holding, a division of the Proximity Capital Srl group specialized in scaleup investments

Turin, 12 January 2021 – The Club degli Investitori, one of the main Italian business angel networks, announces a new exit achieved with the sale of part of its stake in Insoore to Mercurio Holding, a company founded by Proximity Capital and specialized in investments in scaleup.

Insoore (Whoosnap Srl), born from the intuition of Enrico Scianaro (CEO), Gerardo Gorga (COO) and Vito Arconzo (CTO), is an InsurTech reality that helps insurance companies and fleet management companies to optimize the management process of claims through video-photographic inspections carried out by a community of experts and damage estimates made by a team of experts, in real time and on demand. It is recognized as one of the leading scaleups in the insurance world.

“The Investors Club immediately believed in our project in a decisive way. For this I want to thank every business angel that is part of it – declared Enrico Scianaro, CEO of Insoore (Whoosnap Srl) -. In recent years we have had the opportunity, as a team, to make an ambitious intuition real: to bring innovation in claims management with a model capable of optimizing and digitizing claims management processes. Thanks to our determination and tireless work, today we have as customers leading players in the Italian insurance scenario. We collaborate with companies, fleet management companies, brokers and car manufacturers in a design way, arriving at designing models that are increasingly specific and differentiated by type of claim and by type of company. The next steps are equally ambitious. The team is ready and enthusiastic. In the path that awaits us Proximity Capital has chosen to believe even more decisively. We are very happy about it ”.

The Club degli Investitori, which entered the capital of Insoore with a first investment in 2015 and a subsequent follow-on at the end of 2016, has always actively supported the startup in its growth path. “The Club Members invested in Insoore five years ago focusing above all on the team – declared Giancarlo Rocchietti, President of the Investors Club – as Business Angel our role was to help and support Insoore in the transition from startup to scaleup and we are satisfied with having succeeded. This sale shows that the so-called secondary market is also emerging in Italy. Thanks to these operations, business angels will be remunerated in a shorter time and will be able to reinvest in new projects, accelerating the growth of innovation in our country “.

Silvio Corrias, business angel representing the Club of Investors in the stake in Insoore, said: “Insoore and his team have demonstrated an extraordinary ability to transform their business model to rapidly seize market opportunities. We believe that the company has great potential – continues Corrias – and, precisely for this reason, we continue to remain shareholders of Insoore, still retaining a large part of our participation and therefore we will continue to give the company our contribution of skills and networks to further support its growth”.

Proximity Capital, on the other hand, has followed all the capital increases of Whoosnap Srl since 2017 and participates in this operation through Mercurio Holding. “We continue to be by the side of this team – declared Antonio Assereto, founder of Proximity Capital – which is demonstrating great ability in guiding Whoosnap towards a growth that we are convinced will continue with increasing strength over the next few years”.

The purchase of shares carried out by Mercurio Holding is part of a larger transaction on Whoosnap Srl following which CDP Venture Capital Sgr, with its vehicle Accelerora LVenture Srl, and Mercurio Holding invested a total of € 600,000 .


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