20 September 2023

The Club degli Investitori invests in Shop Circle

Shop Circle, founded in 2021 in London by entrepreneurs Luca Cartechini and Gian Maria Gramondi, is a scale-up focused on the creation and acquisition of e-commerce applications and tools. In particular, in addition to the development of some proprietary applications, the company is implementing a strategy of acquisition and aggregation of industry startups in order to structure in first SaaS tool operator for e-commerce. The importance of such software tools is driven by the growing propensity to purchase through online channels: ecommerce site operators need to adopt SaaS solutions to manage and improve their customers’ shopping experience, increase site visibility, manage orders and inventory, structure data analytics actions, and manage different channels of interaction with staff and customers (mobile, web, offline). In the short/medium term, the main focus is on the Shopify ecosystem, subscription-based software that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. The advantage of Shopify, from which derives Shop Circle’s great business potential, is the customization of the site and the technology stack for managing it: like a smartphone, Shop Circle is an ecosystem within which resides an App Store from which the merchant can select and integrate the software features he or she needs most. The operation was led by venture capital funds 645 Ventures and 3VC, with significant participation from previous American institutional investors QED Investors and NFX. In addition to us, Italian #VCs CDP Venture Capital SGR (through the Corporate Partners 1 Fund – Service Tech Segment), Primo Ventures Sgr (Primo Digital Fund), Blacksheep Madtech Fund (managed by Eureka! Venture Sgr), and The TechShop Sgr (Techshop Primo Fund) have also joined Shop Circle’s capital. The U.S. fund i80Group has been chosen as the debt partner.


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