Claudio Pinto

Financier, with 30 years of experience in the financial sector in London and a brief stint in the Netherlands. For the last twelve years he has been Managing Director at Jefferies international in London where he initiated and managed the Rates Business in Government Bonds team and the Rates Derivatives team, including the development of an ad-hoc trading and risk-management platform. Previously, he was Managing Director and Head of Trading EMEA at Dresdner Bank in London until the acquisition of Commerzbank in 2009.  He also worked as Director at Barclays Capital, Abn-Amro and San Paolo di Torino (London branch) as well as a short experience in the insurance field at Willis Coroon at the beginning of his career. In June 2021 he concluded his career at Jefferies to devote himself more actively to the activity of Equity and Angel Investor.


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