Emilio Cosso

Italian, born October 1968, father, living in Genova, grew up in different countries and culture. EMBA at MIP Milan. Manager in a Corporate (engineering,energy transition) where he leads, coordinates, develops resources and create value; founder, investor and mentor for Startup Accelerator and Innovation District in Milan (Polihub),  as well for Techstar @ OGR Torino. Emilio has experience in industry, especially for maritime, energy solutions, e-mobility and HR. He invested in different areas, especially e-mobility (GetHenry and Volteum), space (D-Orbit), energy (NewCleo), biotech (Celldynamics), HR (Steps, Packs, Tutornow) and many other as Business Angel. Co-founder of ETET (2023), AI/ML chatbot for language assessment, e-learning, screening of neurodegenerative language disorders.


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