Luciano Massone

Director of MAXONE Group S.R.L., he has been dealing with Strategies and Innovation of Production Processes for a long time and is one of the recognized Leaders of World Class Manufacturing (WCM). Manager FIAT and then FCA for over 40 years, he brought and implemented WCM in the company. He has been responsible for HR both at corporate level and in various plants, including Melfi Carrozzeria, where he has been responsible for greenfield since the establishment of the company SATA (Società Automobilistica Tecnologie Avanzati), of which he was a long-time board member. He was one of the founders of the WCM Association, where he now serves as Vice President. He took part as founder member in the establishment of the CIM 4.0 Turin Competence Center, of which he was a member of the board until last June.


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