Manuele Musso

Canavese, born in 1973, with a degree in economics, Manuele Musso began his career in the family business, Space 2000 S.p.A., as purchasing department manager. He travels and resides frequently in China. In 2004 he opened a joint venture near Shanghai, and in 2005 he became the managing director CEO of Space 2000 spa.He studied at Harvard Business School in 2007, became an Alumnus in 2009 and established an advisory board. Starts corporate retail projects and manages family office investments since 2008. Business Angel since 2010. Since 2019, he has participated in teaching Corporate Finance and
Private Equity and Venture Capital at the University of Turin.He has been a member of Confindustria since 2006, is first vice president of the Young Entrepreneurs of Turin, then member of the board and currently vice president of the Unione
Industrials of Turin (2021), vice president of Piccola Industria di Torino (2018) and President of Fashion Textiles and Accessories. In 2009 he conceived and co-organized the Young Entrepreneurs G8.He has been active in Scouting for 27 years and in street theater for 10 years.Passionate about business models and interactions with the local area.


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