Winfried Schaller

Born in 1965, he holds a degree in Economics from the University of Paderborn, Germany and an MBA from the Theseus Institute, France. He is an expert in Strategy and Change Management implemented through business development, M&A and restructuring also in close contact with the private equity world. He gained his experience in the Chemicals (Strategic Marketing BASF Polyurethane), Coatings (Vice President Coating Resins Hexion Specialty Chemicals) and Polymers (President/CEO VitasheetGroup) industries. In his last assignment as CEO, he managed the transformation of the Lincotek Group, Parma into a global market leader with 20 production sites in IGT, Aviation and Medical. He currently works as Senior Business Advisor in the transformation and implementation of business strategies and collaborates with private equity firms at different levels of the acquisition process. He is also active in several CDAs.


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