Metis Precisione Medicine

METIS is a B-corp* founded in April 2017 by the confluence of a handful of scientists, among the leaders of oncogene research, and a group of visionary investors with the mission of translating cancer research findings into precision medicine in cancer treatments. Backed by over three decades of research focused on a specific oncogene, METIS benefits from a profound knowledge of the biology and pathology driven by the oncogene MET, including cancer. METIS is developing human anti-MET antibodies with the potential to be first-in class to treat diseases with a significant unmet medical need. The most advanced anti-MET antibody – hOA-DN30 – has proven to be unique and extremely effective against cancer in pre-clinical setting. METIS owns the intellectual property of a suite of anti-MET monoclonal antibodies (the «Platform»), targeting the MET oncogene.