Enrico Scianaro

Enrico is CEO and Co-founder of Insoore.

After graduating first in Business and Banking Economics and then in Economics and Business Management, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor. He worked on this field for three years, and after he decided to pursue an entrepreneurial career.

In 2015 he founded the startup Whoosnap Srl, the owner company of the two technological platforms, Whoosnap and Insoore.

Whoosnap is a platform, based on a mobile and web app, which connects photographers and videomakers with media companies and newspapers (

Insoore is the platform that helps insurance companies to optimize the claims management process, and to reduce the risk of fraud, through photographic inspections and damage estimates, carried out by a community of thousands of experts in real time and on request (www.insoore .com).

He currently holds the position of CEO and vice-president of the company.

Companies of which he is founder


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