19 January 2024

Club degli Investitori invests in Algor Education

🚀 Algor Education’s continued success within Club degli Investitori

“In this round, Algor Education has once again garnered great confidence among Club members: after the pre-seed investment made a year and a half ago, we were able to see the validation of the model and the robustness of the technology. We believe we have helped bring experience, contacts, and ideas to a young, enterprising team with incredible technological depth and attention to execution. This has created a personal relationship of mutual trust. It has been an explosion of enthusiasm for us angels, which has spread to many of our members. We are very pleased to still be by the company’s side for the ambitious challenges ahead.”

We sincerely thank Angelo Italiano and Anna Maria Siccardi for their roles as Champions of Club degli Investitori and mentors of Algor. They have guided our angels in investing in Algor from the beginning and continue to do so in this exciting new round of funding.

Special recognition goes to the other key players in this successful investment round: the UK fund Emerge, 40Jemz Ventures, and business angel Gustaf Nordbäck.



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