26 November 2023

Club degli Investitori invests in CarpeCarbon

♻️ Our commitment to sustainability continues, supporting capable and innovative Italian entrepreneurs who tackle the #climatechange in a concrete way.

🚀 This time we are at CarpeCarbon’s side, contributing to their €1.75M pre-seed round, thanks to the commitment of our Champions Beppe Marocco and Dario Cintioli, who once followed the investment process within the Club, and to the valuable support of Simon Fiduciaria SpA.

Special thanks go to the other investors in this round: Tech4Planet | National Technology Transfer Centre for Environmental Sustainability, 360 Capital and the co-investment fund PiemonteNext.

Based in Turin, Italy, CarpeCarbon is at the forefront of the Italian carbon removal industry, engaged in the extraction of CO2 from the atmosphere through direct air capture.

🌱 Join us in this mission for a greener and more sustainable future!

❓What is CarpeCarbon?
CarpeCarbon is a startup that is developing an innovative technology to capture and remove Co2 directly from the environment, in a cost-effective and scalable way, with low energy consumption, up to 10 times more efficient than solutions currently on the market. The removed Co2 can be stored permanently underground, by mineralisation in contact with rock formations, or alternatively in suitable formats for industrial use (synthetic fuels or solvents).


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