26 November 2023

Club degli Investitori invests in ReLearn

๐Ÿš€ Club degli Investitori invests in ReLearn’s 1 million euro seed round!

A concrete initiative in a strategic sector in which Club degli Investitori strongly believed, together with our Champion, Marco Morchio, who played a key role in this achievement. We are happy to support an exceptional team in their #zerowaste mission and look forward to supporting ReLearn’s international expansion through our extensive #network.

This new capital will enable ReLearn to further accelerate its growth in Europe, the UK and worldwide to fulfil their mission: to turn waste into a resource with NANDO.

๐Ÿค Special thanks to all the investors involved in the initiative: CDP Venture Capital SGR, LVenture Group, Rigel Ventures, LA4G, Feel Venture and Sensible Capital.

Incredibly proud to see so many players in our ecosystem involved in promoting #sustainability!

โ“What is ReLearn?
ReLearn is a start-up that has developed a service dedicated to waste management in the company, consisting of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for waste recognition together with dedicated hardware (smart-bin), meeting the ‘Zero-Waste’ objective. Specifically, the service developed, NANDO, consists of a plug-and-play sensor with integrated artificial intelligence that can be installed in company waste bins. NANDO collects data on the quantity and quality of waste produced, calculates the recycling rate, enables more rigorous sustainability reporting and raises employee awareness through a gamification process.


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