31 March 2022

Club degli Investitori strengthens its international presence and invests in the Israeli company flexiWAN: the world’s first open source SD-WAN & SASE platform

The investment round will be dedicated to increase and support the startup in accelerating its R&D and sales operations bringing innovation to this market.
For the Club degli Investitori this is the second investment in Israel in less than a year

Turin, March 30, 2022 – Club degli Investitori, one of the leading business angel networks in Italy, announces its investment in flexiWAN, an Israeli tech company active in the SD-WAN & SASE market, which applies networking and security software technologies to WAN connections.

flexiWAN was founded in 2018 with the mission to disrupt and democratize the SD-WAN & SASE markets with its “3 World Firsts”: First open source SD-WAN & SASE; First SD-WAN & SASE applications store; First SD-WAN & SASE SaaS business model. This allows to offer a different and open approach to networking.

In fact, flexiWAN’s revolution lies in the dynamic integration of third-party networking applications, freeing enterprise networking and security software from monolithic, vendor locked solutions. In addition, the solution dramatically lowers the barriers to entry for companies looking to adopt and offer services based on the flexiWAN’s open-source software.

The investment in flexiWAN is the fourth international investment in the last 12 months by the Club degli Investitori, as well as the second investment in Israel, following the investment in Tevel Aerobotics Technologies in June 2021.

Amir Zmora, CEO & Co-Founder of FlexiWAN, said, “The members of Club degli Investitori includes current and former executives at the world largest service providers, global consulting firms and owner of European MSPs. We look forward to work with the members of the Club and thank them for supporting flexiWAN”.

Andrea Rota, Managing Director of Club degli Investitori, said: “Investing abroad presents a particular mix of opportunities and risks. A few key factors convinced our partners to believe in flexiWAN: Amir is a serial entrepreneur with an excellent track record; one of our associates participated independently in flexiWAN’s first financing round, and witnessed firsthand Amir operating; We appreciate the opportunity to co-invest with experienced Israeli and international investors. Most importantly, we believe that the two members of Club degli Investitori who will support Amir during the lifecycle of the investment, Francesca and Marc, can contribute their great network and expertise in the telecommunications industry, flexiWAN’s main target market”.

For the Club degli Investitori, the operation will be guided by the business angels and Champions Francesca Fiore and Marc Vos, who will support the startup through their important know-how in the Digital and telco field.

Francesca Fiore and Marc Vos said: “flexiWAN offers an innovative open source, modular SD-WAN solution. The open source offering will allow flexiWAN to continue to innovate quickly and be economically competitive. The modularity will allow flexiWAN’s customers to adjust their deployment through an app store of networking, security and monitoring applications similar to the concept of the smartphone. flexiWAN has already contracted advanced customers such as Telefonica, other tier 1 global companies, government institutions, highly secure networking companies and global MSPs. With this in mind, the company has been trusted by a wide range of the Club Members for both the soundness of the idea and the technology and the potential for growth. For us Champions it is a source of great pride to support the Co-founders Amir and Nir, and their team in their international growth path”.


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