12 May 2023

The Club degli Investitori invests in Largix

Largix offers an innovative technique for “cold” 3D printing of polymers, which makes it possible to print industrial products of various sizes and shapes, while maintaining high standardization and respecting to the highest quality parameters.

Turin, May 10th, 2023 – The Club degli Investitori announces its investment in Largix Tech, an Israeli startup founded in 2015 by Ronen Orr and Amir Sheelo, active in the in the segment of polymer additive manufacturing, that proposes an innovative approach capable of overcoming many of the limitations that 3D printing currently presents in the production phase of PP and PET like: size of the final product, maintaining shapes and proportions (shrinkage), production times, and costs.

Largix’s solution, which involves implementing a “cold” polymer 3D printing technique, is running simultaneously several production channels and laser systems while integrating AI, machine learning, and data analysis capabilities. This autonomous process allows manufacturers to produce on-demand custom-made products, with a higher efficiency and at a competitive price. The production process is protected by various patents.

Initially, Largix will be focusing on two main industries: “chemical storage” and “construction”. The adopted technique is highly sustainable, as demonstrated in a use case in the production of storage tanks where mainly recycled polymers were used and the scraprate was reduced by 70%. Energy savings are around 25% compared to traditional processes, and production times are significantly reduced.

The Club degli Investitori, which visited Largix’s production facilities during a business trip to Israel, is in close contact with this ecosystem through its network of increasingly international business angels and has already invested in two other startups in Israel: Tevel Aerobotics and FlexiWAN.

Andrea Rota, Managing Director of the Club degli Investitori, said: “We were impressed by Largix’ technology and by its leadership team right from the first meeting we had with Oren. The unexpected and pleasant surprise was the energy and dedication of everyone else at the company, which were in full display when we visited the Largix offices last year, during a mission of Club degli Investitori in Israel. We now look forward to helping Largix with our network and our competences, which I believe are a good match for a company with the ambition of becoming the leader in polymer manufacturing.”

Winfried Schaller, Club degli Investitori’s Champion in the investment, said: “Once we were able to dig deeper into the Largix technology, we understood clearly the uniqueness of the Largix approach. This is definitely a disruptive technology that overcomes easily the shrinkage limitations of standard polymers like PP and PET, improving production times and per unit costs. Largix’s giant format APS is able to create room-size objects faster, safer, more sustainable and cheaper than traditional production methods. Further to this, the production process is protected by various patents.”

Ronen Orr, Managing Director of Largix Tech, said: “It was a “click” from the first meeting. Club degli Investitori and Largix teams immediately created significant personal and professional relationships.  The Investors Day in Torino was the highlight, we meet and presented Largix in front of 150 investors in person and many more in remote. Many thanks to the Club’s members who invest in Largix. This exposure to Italian businessmen and businesswomen have already contributed establishing Largix presence in Italy and in other European countries. I personally thank Mr. Winfried Schaller, Club degli Investitori’s Champion, who exceptionally spent  his time and efforts representing Largix in front of the Club’s members and many additional meetings with other investment entities and business opportunities.”


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