Brigitte Sardo

Brigitte Sardo is General Manager in Sargomma, a family business that specializes in rubber and plastics material components and was born in 1981 in Turin. While constantly renewing itself, Sargomma keeps pursuing the same mission over time: providing customers with innovative and efficient solutions through quality products, ready to meet the increasingly complex needs of the international markets. Goal-driven and open minded, Brigitte plays an important entrepreneurial role that involves daily interactions with the main players in the Italian and international automotive sector.

Apid President in her second term, she leads female entrepreneurs in the promotion and development of women’s skills in several professional fields.

Member of the API Board of Directors, Vice President of the Committee for Female Entrepreneurship – CIF, Vice President of CAFID, President of the recently-founded The W Place, personally committed to promoting entrepreneurial and humanistic training, Brigitte Sardo strongly believes in the value of creating business culture and in the important role of young people, by supporting many innovative projects and welfare initiatives, as well as promoting the enhancement of female-friendly gender policies.

As a culture enthusiast, with her daughter Carolina, she founded Gran Torino Productions in 2014, a London-based film company.

With an important personal commitment, Brigitte Sardo is currently guiding the Sargomma family business towards a new company vision, which is growing and developing in the Piedmont area in Grugliasco.


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