Brigitte Sardo

Brigitte Sardo is the CEO of Sargomma Srl, now Benefit Company, a family business focused on the manufacturing of rubber and plastic material components, founded in 1981 in Turin. Over the years, the company has been growing by keeping alive its commitment towards finding new and efficient solutions through high-quality products, in order to face the ever-more complex demand of the international markets.

Determined and open-minded, Brigitte plays a key role within the company, that leads her to interact with the main players of the automotive sector at a national and international level.

As President of APID – ImprenditorialitĂ  Donna on her third mandate, Brigitte guides women entrepreneurs in the promotion and development of their skills in various professional fields.

She also holds the offices of Vice President of the Women in Business Committee of the Turin Chamber of Commerce,

Vice President of API Torino, historical and renowned association of small and medium enterprises based in Turin and its Province,

President of The W Place, women’s consortium created to share and support a new business culture,

Board Member of Molinette Research Foundation ONLUS and Turin Investors Club.

Personally involved in the promotion of entrepreneurial education and training, Brigitte Sardo strongly believes in the value of creating business culture, as well as in sustainability, innovation and the potential of the young generations. She promotes innovative projects and welfare plans, while enhancing gender policies and initiatives for women.

Currently, Brigitte Sardo is involved both on a personal and business level in the transformation of Sargomma SB towards a new vision of industry, that will be based and developed on the Piedmontese territory in Grugliasco.


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