Giorgio Stefano Rocco

Graduated at Scuola Politecnica di Design with Bruno Munari and Heinz Waibl and specialised in Visual Communication at Scuola Umanitaria with Aldo Colonetti. Creative Director for 10 years at SIGNO Design Marketing and Communication where he worked with Heinz Waibl and architects Achille Castiglioni and Roberto Sambonet. In 1991 he founded Giorgio Rocco Associati srl, design consultancy specialising in corporate identity, digital technologies, packaging and advertising for clients such as Mediobanca, J.P. Morgan, Kairos Partners, Banca Profilo, Azimut, L’Orèal. After that he founded Giorgio Rocco Lab LLC, design consultancy, New York. Chief Creative Officer of Green Comm Racing America’s Cup Challenger and Green Comm Challenge, an organisation that promotes the development of innovative sustainable technologies.


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